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Class Levels

Our classes, your vibe and on your time. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we want to be on your level. Choose between beginner, intermediate or advanced or choose from our RELAXING, SATISFYING or INTENSE classes.


"Go Easy On Me"
When your mind and body are craving something a little more relaxed and nourishing, these are the classes for you. You’ll feel rejuvenated, grounded, and aligned.


"I Just Want To Feel Good"
These classes are perfect when you’re wanting to lengthen, align and sculpt. These classes are all about achieving the right technique to see the changes in your body.


"Kick My Butt, I Need This"
For when you want to feel the burn in all the right places. These classes will target your arms, abs, and booty to get you feeling like the best version of you

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Our Barre Classes are an elegant combination of pilates and ballet that is designed to lengthen your whole body and help you find your centre. It also includes targeted bursts to the core, arms and booty. This class is made for those who want a bit more intensity and accentuates and tones all of your beautiful features.


Our pilates classes are your everyday go-to workouts. Perfect for all beginners - advanced, these workouts are designed to lengthen, align and sculpt. We take time in these classes to focus on technique and breathing. You will leave this class feeling good within your body and relaxed within your mind. Pilates can also come flow or cardio form, targeting the full body. Designed to strengthen your core, lengthen and balance your body, tone and sculpt your assets. It will, at times depending on the intensity you choose, get your heart rate up, have you breaking a sweat and feeling the burn. 


Our Pilates Stretch Classes are a gift from you to your body. A moment to let go, breathe and find your centre. This series of stretches will improve your posture, flexibility and blood flow but also relieve back and muscle pain, tension headaches and mental stress. Flow through our stretch classes before or after a workout, in the morning or at night to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and aligned. 

Pre & Post Natal

The Pilates pre and postnatal classes are designed specifically for new mums and mums to be. Our programs will guide you through this special time and teach you the modifications you can apply to all classes on the platform. These classes will help to relieve back pain, maintain your fitness levels and to strengthen and prepare your body for labor. Our 2 week postnatal program has been created especially for new moms to help slowly build strength and stamina while nurturing you back on the mat.