About Us

Ballet Body is a ballet-inspired fitness method and fitness regime, created by dancer, Allanah.


Allanah is a Royal Academy of Dance trained and registered Ballet teacher, Barre trained and PBT certified. Allanah's professional expertise provides the Ballet Body brand with an authenticity incomparable to any fitness or gym workout. 


Inspired by a dancers’ daily training routine, every exercise, stretch, and movement is designed to help build strength, grace, elegance, and flexibility. All of this helps to sculpt and tone specific muscle groups through bodyweight training and low-impact cardio exercises. Ballet Body brings the artistry and athleticism of classical Ballet into your everyday life. Ballet Body offers a fresh and uniquely artistic approach to exercise, fitness, and health.

Barre has inspired a whole new genre in the fitness industry. Our Ballet Body Barre workouts target and sculpt long, lean muscles in the legs, butt, core, and upper body. Ballet Body Fitness is here to serve a global audience through our Online Workout Studio streaming videos, along with exclusive group classes and one-on-one private training available in studios located in Wellington, New Zealand.

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A Message From Ballet Body Founder, Allanah

Hi everyone! I am Allanah and I would love to share a little bit about myself and The Ballet Body Method with you. 

For most of my life, I danced ballet and Jazz and did both by dance and teacher training with the Royal Academy of Dance. Working with some of the best teachers and mentors in the world taught me to love, respect and care for my body and learn the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

The knowledge I have gained through spending my life in the studio moving my body was something that I was inspired to pass onto others, which is when I decided to train to become a Barre and Pilates instructor.

Pilates is one of the most transformative practices that you can do for your body and helps you to create sustainable and lasting change at any age or stage in your life. My focus as a Pilates instructor is making the most of your workout by focusing on technique and posture. When you put your posture and technique first, you are prolonging the life of your body.

Having “The Ballet Body” means becoming the best version of yourself. You will feel stronger, longer and leaner but also feel the relief of physical tension and mental stress. I want my clients to set a new standard for their body and what it deserves - to treat it with love and care because confidence and beauty start from within. 

Whether you want to feel healthier, happier, or stronger, The Ballet Body Method is for you! 

I hope to see you in class and want to thank all my amazing and inspiring clients for their continued support!